History of Marion Lake Lodge on Marion Lake in Dead Lake Township

From the abstract:  72.2 acres

1888 – 1897 property owned as farmland by George Menz and Dominic Hassler

1897 – 1903 owned by Dominick Hassler

1903 – 1905 owned by Levie Carter

1905 – 1935 owned by J. B. Risdon

1935 – 1944 owned by Fred Mollman

1944 – 1949 owned by Vernone Sierman

1949 – 1969 owned by Ira J. Bowman

1969 till present by Gary Bergum & Norman I. Meyer

Platted in 1969

In 1902 a group from the St. Louis, MO area built a 30’ X 40’ two story lodge with 4 bedrooms up and 1 bedroom down with the rest of the downstairs as dining and living room.  An outhouse was also constructed.

In 1920 30 more feet were added to the north end of the lodge (two story) this added 5 more beds up and 2 more down, plus more dining area and office.

This lodge featured an American plan (three meals a day with everything homemade and with full maid service, beds, etc).  Also in 1920 a 15’ X 20’ boat/motor house was built by the lake and a fish-cleaning house was built to the north by the swamp. 

In 1925 a one story 30’ X 50’ addition with more dining area, a bar room, and more kitchen was added to the rear of the lodge.  A large 60’ porch was added to the lake (front) side. 

In 1949 bathrooms were installed in the lodge. 

In 1959 two 28’ square log effect cabins were constructed.

In 1969 the area was platted out. 

In 1972 the lodge was torn down.

Gary and Beverly Bergum now have a home at the actual site of the lodge.

Foot Notes:

From 1903 till the 1920’s gaslights were used.

From the mid twenties till 1943 a 35-volt generator supplied electric lights.

In 1942 the Louisville, KY group stole a better 35-volt generator from a Southwest Belle Phone Co. and shipped it to the lodge.  But it was never used because the REA came in 1943.  It was still in the crate when it was sold to a man named Dow from Vergas, MN in 1969.

This information was obtained from the current owner Gary Bergum.  

April 4th, 2011 by Dead Lake Township Historian Ernest M. West.

P.S.  Ernest West, as a teenager, worked for the Marion Lake Lodge in 1955 as a lawn boy and boat boy.