"Top Ten Volunteer Opportunities"

Are you willing to help protect Dead Lake but your time is limited? Do you have a talent or equipment that could be put to good use in supporting Dead Lake? These are a few fun ways that you can contribute in a very limited way but still make a significant difference. If you would like to offer to help in another way, then let us help you support your passion. Contact Doug Martin at 612-991-6230 or e-mail dmmartin2@earthlink.net

  • A volunteer is needed to add photos and content to the Dead Lake Association web site. The Dead Lake Association’s web site is up but it needs more pictures and content. We have content and photos that are ready to be posted. The training necessary to learn the web site software is basic. If you would really enjoy posting pictures and written content to the web site, this is a great opportunity to make an immediate and tangible difference. The tools are available but we need someone to make it happen! You can work independently from home or school to upload the information to the web site. It’s like putting together a puzzle with a purpose but we need your help to make it a reality.
  • A volunteer is needed to take Dead Lake water level readings on a regular basis and call the information into the Minnesota DNR. You’ll learn how to read the water level gauge located at the East outlet or have a water level gage installed at the end of your dock and then call in the information to the DNR. Water level readings have not been taken for the past 4 years so we’re losing the ability to follow water level trends for Dead Lake. The time commitment is about 5 minutes each week.
  • Additional volunteers are needed to represent the Dead Lake Association at the local Otter Tail County Coalition of Lake Associations meetings. These meetings are held once per month during the summer and allow the Dead Lake Association to learn from our peers. Without a volunteer to attend these meetings and networking, we’re on our own.
  • A volunteer is needed to write one interesting and informative article for the Dead Lake Association Newsletter. If you enjoy writing and want to learn more about Dead Lake and its inhabitants, this is a great way to share with others. We have several very interesting topics to chose from but need a volunteer to pull the information together. If you have a phone and computer, you can easily work from home or school. 
  • A volunteer is needed to be a “back up” for monthly water sampling should a regular volunteer be unavailable. You’ll learn how to properly take a water sample from Dead Lake and what to do with it once its been collected. The time commitment is minimal, the sampling process is educational and the benefit to Dead Lake is that we have consistent trend analysis on the health of Dead Lake.
  • A volunteer is needed to write a new “Volunteer Spotlight” column for the Newsletter. Many Dead Lake volunteers should to be recognized for the work they’ve done and continue to do to protect Dead Lake. This is an opportunity for you to be the catalyst to publically acknowledge these individual volunteers for their hard work and to inspire other property owners to get involved in protecting Dead Lake. You can work independently from home or school. A volunteer “inter­view questionnaire” has already been created and now it’s just a matter of you stepping forward to make this new Newsletter column happen and making a difference!
  • Volunteers are needed to hang a zebra mussel “decoy” from the end of their dock for early detection. The zebra mussel decoy is simply a short plastic pipe that can be hung from the end of your dock and lifted our occasionally for inspection.
  • Volunteers are needed to submit interesting photos, lake news and educational information about Dead Lake and its property owners for publication in the Dead Lake Association Newsletter. If you have that interesting photo of the fish your grandchild caught, a story about Dead Lake that you would like to share or other human interest topic, this is your chance to share it with your lake neighbors.
  • Volunteers are needed to help organize a “Bay Party” for their lake neighborhood. You can help create a greater sense of lake community by joining with a few other volunteers to organize a casual “Bay Party”. You’ll learn from the property owners in the North Bay who have been hosting family oriented “Bay Parties” for years. This networking with your lake neighbors enhances your lake experience and the Dead Lake Association will support you by contacting the lake property owners in your Bay so that organizing the informal gathering is fun and easy.
  • A volunteer is needed to “Welcome” each new property owner to the Dead Lake community. About once a month, a Dead Lake property is purchased and the new owner is often excited to learn about Dead Lake and how they can be a good steward of the land. As a seasoned veteran of Dead Lake, you’ll simply meet the new property owners to answer their questions and to explain the broad resources that the Dead Lake Association provides to make their lake experience more enjoyable. This pro-active outreach strategy can often prevent development issues before they occur. You’ll have fun meet­ing new people and sharing your knowledge of Dead Lake. At present, there is no Dead Lake “Welcome” program in place so you have lots of freedom to create something new and to have an immediate impact!