Lapsed Membership Letter

March 2012



Have you noticed how some of your Dead Lake neighbors are working together to protect Dead Lake so that you and your family can enjoy the benefits that lake property ownership provides?


It takes a group effort of time and money to make a real difference.


Although you’re a Dead Lake property owner, for a variety of reasons you’ve chosen not to be a current Dead Lake Association member. 


This letter is your opportunity to change that choice and, starting today, you can help a very large and diverse group of Dead Lake property owners and lake supporters to protect Dead Lake.  The Dead Lake Association allows its members to have an organized and collective voice in the issues that affect Dead Lake.  Through your financial and volunteer support, you can choose to do your share.


The Dead Lake Association is a non-profit, 100% volunteer organization of lake property owners and other supporters that are dedicated to protecting Dead Lake and educating the community in the best ways to manage this natural resource for the enjoyment of all.


Since you’re a lake shore property owner, you have a significant real estate investment.  It’s to your personal benefit to financially support your lake neighbor volunteers to protect the quality of Dead Lake.  Since few property owners can take an active role, this is your opportunity to provide your neighboring Dead Lake volunteers with the financial resources that they need to keep you informed and to conduct projects that protect Dead Lake (and protect your property values).  Really, isn’t it worth $30/year to stay informed about Dead Lake issues and to protect your personal lake shore investment.


Your annual Association dues help pay for a variety of expenses that include:


  • Regular professional lab testing of Dead Lake water samples for clarity and chemical composition at 3 different test sites.  Water clarity has a direct relationship to your lakeshore’s property value.
  • Regular association newsletters and special mailings that keep you informed of issues that affect Dead Lake, Lake Alice and Indian Lake.
  • Extensive educational materials and seminars for property owners, resort guests, etc. that promote personal actions that protect Dead Lake. 
  • Legal and professional services that provide expert guidance regarding topics which are beyond the resources of our active volunteers.
  • Lake Management Plan to provide member-guided direction and policies that will influence the future use of Dead Lake.
  • Special lake-community environmental projects that help protect Dead Lake
  • Association Annual Meeting to provide a public forum for members to discuss lake-wide concerns and opportunities.
  • Endowment Fund which is long term source of revenue for the association.   


Please complete the enclosed Dead Lake Association membership form and include it with your payment.  You can also pay by credit card or debit card by calling Kay Helm at 218-758-3221.


Thanks for your support!


Phyllis Freeman

Dead Lake Association Board Member

Membership Chairperson

Cell: 480-586-1241    E-Mail: